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Camp 905 is an award-winning filmmaker collective 
dedicated to creating meaningful short films and web series alongside local artists and entrepreneurs.
Based in Hamilton, Ontario.

"Norah & Poppy"

is screening at

CBC's Short Film Face Off!

may 2021

"Norah & Poppy" will be 1 of 9 films screening this August

on CBC as part of the Short Film Face Off!

We're so honoured and excited to air our film on TV 

alongside talented filmmakers from all over Canada!

Norah and her younger sister Poppy live in the care of their Lolo after the

sudden death of their mother. When Poppy suddenly falls ill and becomes hospitalized, Norah and Lolo must work against their anxiety and fear of losing another family member, and do their best to help Poppy recover. 

See the trailer below:

This film was made possible through financial support from 

Ontario Arts Council - Conseil des arts de l'Ontario.

Stay tuned for festival and screening updates!

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