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Click above for Episode Infinity – A short introduction to the staff of Here.

This web series follows the waitstaff of Here, a restaurant that serves as a vital link between There and the life we all know. They have the special duty of giving each soul that passes through a good experience and a pleasant send-off, a job that is to last for eternity or so it seemed until ‘unbreakable’ things around the restaurant begin to fall apart.

- 20 Episode Web Series -

Directed by Bea Macapagal

Cinematography by Lucas Joseph

Starring Leo Sciara


Rob Ceriello as Jake

Leo Sciara as Pietro

Rachael Fox as Charlie

Diane Chen as Thalia

Christian B. Leadley as Boy

Olivia Baptista as Kylie 

Yael Leberman as Siv

Matthew Addison as Gideon

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