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Two college students are in deep trouble after returning from an

accidental time travel trip with one of history's worst dictators -

especially when he starts fitting in with their friends!

Written, shot, and edited in 48 hours for the

Toronto 48 Hour Film Project 2014.

Elements to Include: 
Genre: Time Travel 
Prop: Umbrella 
Character: Colin Zimmerman, Artist 
Line: "If you need anything, do not call me."

Cast & Crew:

Michael Peeling, Braeden Gosse, Larica Perera, Bea Macapagal,

Mel Mckechnie, Leo Sciara, Nick Grimshaw, Nick Kazlovskis


Michael Peeling as The Real American Party Dude

Leo Sciara as Braeden

Braeden Gosse as Leo

Larica Perera as Debbie

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