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NOrah & POppy

written and directed by Bea Macapagal

Norah and her younger sister Poppy live in the care of their Lolo after the

sudden death of their mother. When Poppy suddenly falls ill and becomes hospitalized, Norah and Lolo must work against their anxiety and fear of losing another family member, and do their best to help Poppy recover. 

See trailer below:

21. NP Credits OAC.png

Mackenzie De Zilva

Diosdado Macapagal

Daelyn De Zilva

Joanne Steven

Christina K Smith

Writer & Director: Bea Macapagal
Producers: Ali Goldthorpe, Larica Perera
Director of Photography: Nick Coffin

Production Designer: Leo Sciara
Picture Editor: Margaret MacDougall
Supervising Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer: Kristi McIntyre
Original Score: Walker Grimshaw

Foley by JRS Productions Inc

Foley Artist: Brandon Bak

Foley Recordist: Justin Helle

Assistant Director: Larica Perera

2nd Assistant Director: Robin Macapagal
Script Supervisors: Margaret MacDougall & Halley Le Tourneau

Gaffers: Hyunjae Park & David J Fernandes
Assistant Camera: Jeff Kaczmarek
Key Grip: Michael Peeling

Wardrobe: Charlotte Santo

Art Assistant: Robin Macapagal

Sound Recordist: Daniela Pinto
Behind-the-Scenes: Angel Navarro & Geoff Taylor
Production Assistants: David Boda & Chriss Waterman

Special Thanks to Melissa De Zilva, Divina Macapagal, Christine + Nick Gordon, Father Yuriy Tykhyy, Adriano Petti, Jay Moffat, Julia Harrison, Kristel Mendoza, Michael Brevetti, Christoph Benfey, and Matt Watts.

Stay tuned for festival and screening updates!

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