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Bea Macapagal



     Born in Manilla, Philippines, Bea and her family immigrated to Toronto, Ontario before the age of 1. Growing up with multiple families under one roof, Bea found it hard to be seen and heard. Movies were her escape. She decided to use filmmaking as her method of communication and creative expression. From an early age, she can remember watching films from all genres and recreating them with her family’s HandyCam.


     Bea began seriously writing, directing and producing while in the Media Arts program at Sheridan College. During that time, she created multiple short films including “Finder”, “Cocoa Max” and “Anatomy of a Sunbeam”. More recently she completed “Young Badlands”, a web series that she wrote, directed and co-produced that aired in December 2014. With over 117,000 views, she is ecstatic about the positive feedback from industry professionals and viewing audiences. Bea was nominated for “Outstanding Director” at the LA Webfest 2015.


     Soon after, Bea produced a horror short film based on filipino folklore “TIK-TIK” that won “Female Filmmaker” at the My Røde Reel Competition 2016. It has been screened at 15+ film festivals worldwide, and is in currently in development to become a feature film. 


      In 2017 her film "Midnight Toker" took home My Røde Reel's biggest award: Judges' Prize! It was also a finalist in 5 categories: Best Comedy, Best Cinematography, Best Acting, Best Art Direction, & Best BTS Educational.

     Most recently, Bea received her first Ontario Arts Council Grant with her submission "Norah & Poppy" - a dramatic 10 minute short film that premiered at "Reel Asian Film Festival" at TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

Larica Perera



Larica Perera was born in Bandarawela, Sri Lanka and moved to the Philippines shortly after. At the age of six, she immigrated to Canada with her family. A graduate of Sheridan College's Media Arts program, Larica aims to channel her passion for filmmaking into telling stories of connectivity, and how seemingly ugly moments of despair and desperation can manifest into beautiful moments of growth and understanding. 


Her short film "Anatomy of a Sunbeam" earned Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, and Best Sound at Sheridan's 2013 Media Arts Awards. It was also officially selected into Yonkers Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, XpoNorth, and received the Canadian Cinema Editors Student Merit Award. Larica launched "Greenwood" in 2016 with over 12K views online. The film has been used to promote mental health awareness and to propagate discussions about the stigma surrounding mental health. 


Her first horror short film “TIK-TIK”, both inspired by the Filipino folklore stories with which she grew up won the Best Female Filmmaker Award for the 2016 My Rode Reel Film Challenge and has been officially selected in over a dozen film festivals internationally. 


After receiving a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, Larica wrote, directed, and produced “Under The Supermoon” which wrapped in May 2019.

Michael Peeling



     After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in History, and from Sheridan College’s Media Arts program, Michael worked for Chesler/Perlmutter Productions where he was involved in the development of over a dozen television movies for Hallmark and Lifetime networks. 

     Since his time there, Michael has worked as a freelance director of photography on short films, web series, commercials, documentaries, and various other video content. His short films “TIK-TIK” and “Wildflower” were finalists for Best Cinematography at the My Røde Reel 2016 & 2017 competitions. He has shot content for brands such as BDO, DHX Media, Teen Challenge Canada, and LeapFrog.


Leo Sciara


Leo is an independent actor who has been active in short films, commercials, and web series since 2012. His first production manager role was during Camp 905’s “Young Badlands”, a challenging choice given it’s large cast and multiple locations. Most recently he has returned from New York City where he acted in the role of Pietro in the 20 episode ensemble cast web series “Here We Wait”. The project is now in post-production and will be airing on YouTube in the winter of 2016.


Having opted for a contemporary manner of training, he has attended a number of classes throughout Toronto and Hamilton including the Armstrong Acting Studio and The Actor’s Imagination Studio with Jonathan Higgins. Leo is currently in pre-production for a new short film of his own creation. In the future, Leo is looking to do more challenging roles in horror and action.

Leo's latest acting endeavour "Midnight Toker", a story about a hippie's adventure through classic movie scenes as he fights aliens, dinosaurs, and creepy identical twins, took home My Rode Reel's biggest award: Judges' Prize! It was also a finalist in 5 categories: Best Acting, Best Comedy, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, & Best BTS Educational. 


Nick Coffin


Delivering newspapers and shovelling driveways is how Nick earned money to buy his first camera at the age of 10. He began taking filmmaking more serious throughout high school, and later on at Sheridan College where he really found his passion in the art of cinematography. Nick Coffin has been working as a freelance Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and Gaffer in various visual formats. He graduated in 2016 with the honour of receiving Camera Crew member of the year, and Most Outstanding Graduate.

He’s forever thankful that he was “kidnapped” by the Camp 905 family to work on their recent web series “Here We Wait”. Nick plans to focus on the skills of camera operating and cinematography on future Camp 905 productions.


Nick wrote and was cinematographer for "Midnight Toker", a story about a hippie's adventure through classic movie scenes as he fights aliens, dinosaurs, and creepy identical twins, took home My Rode Reel's biggest award: Judges' Prize! It was also a finalist in 5 categories: Best Cinematography, Best Comedy, Best Acting, Best Art Direction, & Best BTS Educational.  


Ali Goldthorpe


Ali Goldthorpe found her passion for filmmaking in high school when she joined the Communications and Technology Club. She produced and directed the weekly television show that broadcasted school-wide. Ali has recently completed her Media Arts diploma at Sheridan College where she pursued her goals of producing and coordinating.


Since graduating in 2016, Ali Goldthorpe has worked on numerous television series and feature films including; Reign, Anne With an E, The Strain, and Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water.


Ali is Camp 905’s newest member and has worked on various Camp 905 Productions including, Midnight Toker, Wildflower, and more. In the summer of 2018, Ali produced 2 Camp 905 short films that received Ontario Arts Council funding:

Larica Perera's "Under the Supermoon" and Bea Macapagal's "Norah & Poppy".


Melanie Mckechnie


Melanie graduated from the Media Arts program at Sheridan College in 2013. She produced and production managed many shorts including “Finder”, “The Wrong Frame” and “Cocoa Max”; the film that won her the award for Best Production Management at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Media Arts Awards 2012. During her time at Sheridan, she worked at Entertainment Tonight Canada where she had the opportunity to work alongside the show’s producers.

Melanie was the main producer for Camp 905’s “Young Badlands”. With the series having 7 episodes, 9 principle actors and multiple locations, it was a challenge to complete. But her hard work didn’t go unnoticed. In 2015, Melanie won Best Producer at Web Series Festival Global for her work on the series. Currently, she is working as a Production Accounting Assistant in downtown Toronto.


Jeff Kaczmarek


Hamilton based Cinematographer who recently graduated from the Media Arts program at Sheridan College. Jeff has been working alongside Camp 905 since 2013 and has moved up in the ranks as a key member of our crew. He has filled multiple roles on “Finder”, “Young Badlands” and most recently “Here We Wait” also having taken on the role as camera operator and picture editor.

During his time at Sheridan, Jeff interned at SIM Digital and PS Production Services LTD in downtown Toronto. He is looking to expand his reel working alongside different writers, directors and local businesses in various avenues.


Charlotte Santo


Charlotte Santo was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario. She completed her Media Arts diploma at Sheridan College where she had the opportunity to work as a producer, production manager, and production designer for numerous pieces including short films, PSA’s, corporate videos, and commercials. In her final year at Sheridan, she received the People’s Choice Award and the Production Management Award for her final portfolio piece, Alone in the Void, a dramatic short film.

She started working with Camp 905 during her internship at Sheridan College on their latest web series, Here We Wait. After graduating, she became a member of Camp 905, taking on production designer, and production manager roles.

Andrew Park

Andrew Park


Andrew Park is an ambitious gaffer who loves all aspects of lighting in filmmaking. Although coming from a Biology background, he has always loved the art of cinema from a young age. From working on music videos, corporate to feature length films, Andrew is always looking for new opportunities to test and involve himself in the industry of filmmaking. A new addition to Camp 905, he has worked on projects like Young Badlands, Here We Wait, Tik-Tik and both of this year's Rode Reel Submissions: Midnight Toker and Wildflower.


Lucas Joseph


Lucas Joseph is a visual storyteller. Kitchener born and Toronto based, Lucas quickly found his passion behind a camera. His broad range of work includes everything from short films, web series, commercial programming to music videos.

Lucas was a cinematographer on “Young Badlands” shooting multiple episodes. Most recently, he has returned from New York where he completed cinematography on the 20 episode web series “Here We Wait.” He is currently colouring the entire series. No matter the style, Lucas believes in pairing the artistic expression in front of the camera with the technological innovation in his hands to create something beautiful.

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